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LoyaltyTrac is an all-inclusive cloud-based, customer loyalty and rewards program for online, in-store, and app-based businesses. Highly configurable, it is designed to fit most every kind of retail business application. LoyaltyTrac encompasses all aspects of the key retail loyalty influencers – including customer referrals, surveys, social media interaction, customer reviews, blogs and ultimately rewarding your customers for their purchase and customer advocacy with your business.

By delivering personalized experiences, recognizing, rewarding your best customers, and leveraging the value of your customer data the LoyaltyTrac rewards platform will greatly increase the odds of your customers visiting more frequently and spending more with your business when they do.

LoyaltyTrac is an opt-in, permission-based rewards program. Your customer must choose to join. Over 90% of your customers will join your program simply by asking them to do so. Afterwards you have the perfect platform from which you can market and communicate with your customers on their terms.

Over 98% of the retail customers who have enrolled in a LoyaltyTrac designed
loyalty program are still active members ten years later.




Our loyalty, retention and promotion technologies are used by some of the most respected and well known Fortune 500 companies. A few of our current and past clients include, NFL Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, BMW USA, Concentrix, Alice Coopers Solid Rock, Hyundai, Orchard Supply Hardware, Mazda USA and many others.

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LoyaltyTrac interacts and engages with your customers on multiple channels. Could be a print product introduction, mobile-app interaction, e-mail, text communication, website visit, a promotional event, game participation or simply word-of-mouth. All have the same objective; to capture your customers attention and motivate a specific desired behavior.


Our predictive analysis capabilities allow you to maximize transactional customer spend throughout all stages of your customers lifecycle. LoyaltyTrac segmentation
capabilities and personalized triggers give you the ability to create unique sub-audiences and serve them relevant promotions, offers and rewards specific to them and their buying patterns.



Our customer loyalty solution comes chocked full of loyalty marketing instruments and tools to help you continually engage, market, and strengthen those relationships with your member customers.

We make it easy to strategically target your customers based upon their past purchases, interests, interactions, and recent behaviors. That will make your loyalty marketing efforts more targeted, more relevant, and more likely to generate the most profitable and lasting customer behavior you desire most.


Our loyalty marketing professionals will be with you every step of the way from program design to implementation to monthly check-ins. Nothing with we do is cookie cutter or out of a box. Your loyalty rewards program and customer retention solution will be as unique as your business. LoyaltyTrac supports several different types of memberships including, VIP, paid membership, auto enrolled, points based, currency based, and activity based.



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We Create Digital Experiences
That Build Your Local Brand
and Grow Your Business.

Elevate Your Customers Experiences

Call it customers on demand! Our built in promotion engine allows you to deploy special promotions, create flash sales, deliver product notifications, send event invites, text a specific group of member customers when ever you want. Expect superior results from your loyalty rewards program because all your communications will be specifically designed by marketing professionals for each one of your unique campaigns. We would never think of asking you to use “one size fits all” email templates or canned text.

Loyalty promotions

Location Based Marketing

Instantly drive experiences to capture and convert consumers in the moment with location based marketing.

Segmented Special Offers

Precisely target your audience through data segmentation and send one or a thousand special offers easily & efficiently.

digital loyalty rewards

Digital Loyalty Promotions

Easily create digital experiences that promote your local brand quickly with the LoyaltyTrac promotions engine.

Connect With Your Customers

We Include your own branded Mobile App that will make 24/7 program access easy for your members. Customers may view their benefits, edit their profile, redeem a benefit, view current promotions, or enroll a new member. LoyaltyTrac mobile rewards utilizes all the newest technologies to alert you when a customer is near or at your store allowing you to push any “immediate or flash” offer or message.

loyalty mobile app

Customer Portal

Provide your members with a first-class program experience and access to their private membership profile through your branded mobile app and web port

customer loyalty mobile app development

Custom Mobile App

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More Than Just Points or Perks

The LoyaltyTrac rewards software supports several different forms of reward currencies. Each type of reward currency is specifically
designed to influence a different kind of desired customer behavior. Choose from coupons, internal gift cards, surprise, dollars off, BOGO, your products or any third-party incentives you wish to offer.

Loyalty program currency

Convert Points to Plastic

Effortlessly convert a members earned points into your own branded gift card.

Loyalty Program benefits

BOGO with Points

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Loyalty program rewards

Surprise Rewards

Keep engaging your customers with periodic, unexpected rewards designed to drive incremental sales and grow your customer retention.

retail loyalty rewards program


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Reloadable E-Currency

E-Rewards are rapidly becoming the preferred reward of choice. Having your own branded internal rewards currency ensures that
your customer will spend their reward currency only at your business. LoyaltyTrac supports all aspects of administration including design,
issuance, redemption tracking and reporting of your own branded internal currency.

best retail loyalty programs

Digital E-Voucher

Generate, manage, redeem and track unique loyalty program related vouchers. Use as rewards or as a targeted promotion coupon. Can be reloaded with a stored value. Available in print and digitality.

Loyalty program currency

Reloadable Currency

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Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

The hallmark of a well-designed loyalty initiative is that it returns a profit by helping to retain customers while increasing their spend with your business. We will never leave you guessing when it comes to how your program is working. Our detailed analytics and KPI’s are only a touch away with a personalized administrative portal.

The LoyaltyTrac platform will help you understand your customer better. Automatic collection of key customer data will provide you with actionable intelligence and deliver insights into your customers purchase behaviors, trends, preferences and purchase motivators.

Digital Loyalty

Admin Portal

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